What is the perfect reality?

It seems like it would be heaven on earth but creating the perfect reality to most people seems impossible. But guess what? You are already living in a perfect reality, you just can’t see it.

Sounds preposterous, right? But I’m telling you, everything is perfect just as it is, right now. In fact’ everyone is perfect too.

The reason you might not see it that way is because your mind is clouded by judgment. This is something you have been learning since childhood. This is good and that is bad. This is right and that is wrong.

So how do judgments create an imperfect reality?

Because reality is created by thoughts and thoughts are derived from observation, your reality only seems perfect to the degree you judge what you observe to be so. If you are observing things to be right or wrong, or good or bad your reality is tallied by the events in one column or the other.

Many have tried but why have so few succeeded?

Most people go about this in an unhelpful way. They try to manipulate what they observe in order to make what they observe as wrong, right and what they observe to be bad, good. To the degree they are successful at it, is the degree they feel good..

Because you cannot constantly observe what you judge to be positive, you cannot create a perfect reality by deriving your thoughts based on observation.

So how do I create a perfect reality?

It’s already perfect, you simply have to learn how to see it as such. Freeing yourself from judgment to see the perfection all around you is a matter of creating a reality by way of intentional thought rather than observational thought.

This means spending time on a daily basis thinking thoughts of your reality being perfect just as it is. The way I did it was to spend time every day looking at random people and thinking to myself, you are perfect and beautiful. It was easier for me to accept that thought because I didn’t know the people so I had no previous judgments about them.

But how do I do that when I know there are really bad people out there?

If a small child fell into a lion’s cage and was eaten, would you think the lions to be bad or wrong? Of course not, they are just lions doing what lions do.

As we free ourselves from judgment and become intentional with our thoughts, we become more aware of our alignment. Often having this higher perspective even allows us to see the parts that are aligned in others, like police in alignment with criminals, firefighters in alignment with fires, doctors in alignment with illness and so on.

So does this mean I shouldn’t even try to make the world a better place?

The world becomes a better place when you find alignment with you. God, however you want to define it, is infinite. That means it is a part of everything and everyone. You are an expression of that and when you are in alignment with that expression, you can’t help but benefit the whole.

Thank You

In discovering my alignment I’ve found many things I love doing and one of those is helping others discover their perfect reality. In fact, I wrote a book that goes into further detail about how I freed myself from judgment. It’s a nice little story about a man who picks up a hitchhiker that eventually becomes his guru. It’s called, The Guru Delivery.

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