The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness

There are two very simplistic but extremely important things you need to know about the makeup of your emotional state:

  • Emotions are simply your reaction to thoughts.
  • Thoughts are either derived from:
    1. Observation
    2. Intention


Emotional Reaction to Thought

Your emotional reaction to thought defines your expression of the divine or in other words, your personality (what you like, what you don’t like, what you sort of like, what you like under certain conditions, what you don’t like under certain conditions, etc.). These all make up who you are.

No two people have the exact same emotional reaction to every thought or even the exact same thought about every observation. Your unique expression is not interfered with but supported by the universe.



You cannot help having thoughts about what you observe or experience. You also cannot help your emotional reaction to these thoughts. Because it is such a natural process though, you have come to associate your observations with the emotions themselves.



Most of the thoughts you have are either based on observation or a reiteration of a previous observation. So for instance if you are good at manipulating your circumstances, you may have seen something you liked, the thought of it made you feel good and you might contemplate later how to observe more of that in your life.

If you struggle with manipulating your circumstances, you may have seen something you liked, and in your contemplation of it later, become sad because you could see no way of making it a part of your life.

Intentional thought is thought not based on observation. It is a thought you have specifically chosen to introduce that brings about an emotion you wish to experience.


So then, why do so many people find it difficult to be happy?

So you attempt to manipulate your environment in such a way that it is filled with things and experiences that bring about positive emotional experiences. To the degree that you are able to do this usually reflects your emotional state.

Some, actually have enough success with this that they are content with their lives as long as nothing comes along to disrupt their circumstances

Others, like myself, find this process to be a bit like a game of Jenga, finding moderate successes after much work yet sooner or later having the expectation of an eventual epic fail realized.

Of course, things and experiences are not the only observations that bring about thoughts that bring about emotions. There are many creatures, including humans as well that you will observe.

Manipulating your circumstances is a bit easier than manipulating the people in your life. You may be able to put out citronella candles to ward off most of the mosquitos but you can’t make someone close to you agree with you about everything.


So how do I achieve an overall emotional state of happiness?


Become intentional with thought.

Think thoughts that bring about the emotions you desire. This cannot be done effectively when you are experiencing contradictory thoughts. People who try to look on the bright side of things usually struggle.

Trying to lessen the negative emotion stemming from the thought of being stood up, for instance, will not just go away by introducing a thought like, at least it’s not raining.

Instead, you have to set aside time daily to learn what thoughts make you happy and how to intensify your focus on them.


But I already know what would make me happy.

Most people don’t even realize what makes them happy.

They think that if they had a million dollars in the bank it would make them happy for instance. However, if they focus on the thought of having a million dollars, it might feel good for a moment and then spiral toward thoughts that bring about negative emotions like, I would lose a lot of it in taxes, I would have to pay off a lot of debt, people would always be asking me for money, I might not even have enough money left to quit my job but even if I could, there would be no one to hang out with because everybody’s working, Someone might try to steal it, etc.


What you actually create when you’re out of alignment

Because you are part of the divine, what you think about repeatedly becomes your beliefs, and you create your reality based on them. Your subconscious mind causes you to do and observe things that actually make whatever you think about real for you.

This means that if you actually were handed a million dollars and your thought patterns were like the example above, you would be more miserable than before you had the money. In fact, if your thoughts generally focus on lack, either all the money would be gone in short order or you would begin to focus on some other aspect of your life in which you feel lack.

Because you are part of the divine, there is no judgment as to what you create. The universe will provide you full support of your beliefs no matter what they are.


So if you’re saying a million dollars won’t make me happy but sitting around daydreaming happy thoughts every day will?

It’s not that a million dollars won’t bring happiness into your life, it’s just that it’s observational happiness. It only lasts as long as you’re thinking positive thoughts about what you are observing.

Buying a shiny new car brings all sorts of wonderful thoughts until you get your first door ding or the newness fades. And sitting still in traffic when you are driving the fastest sports car in the world may actually be more frustrating than sitting in an average car.

However, if you train your mind to think in a manner that makes you happy there is a point at which it becomes a habitual way of thinking.

When you exercise your body on a regular basis, you become stronger but if you stop, you stop becoming stronger.

When you exercise your mind though, these new beliefs that you adopt, form new neural pathways in your mind. Those neural pathways can only be undone by introducing new beliefs.

So the task of changing a belief like, I don’t have enough money, to, I become more wealthy every day, only has to be done once. Your strongest beliefs take the longest to change so it’s real important you understand how.


Blah, blah, blah. This sounds so complicated. Could you just tell me what I need to do?

Once you understand what makes you feel happy, you can feed your mind thoughts in alignment with that happiness. The thoughts have three requirements:

  1. Repeated on a daily bases while experiencing the feeling. It’s ok if you miss a day but it needs to be habitual and you want to try to do it when you are feeling positive emotionally.
  2. It must be experienced as if it is already your reality. If your thought refers to sometime in the future, the reality you create will always remain some time in your future. You can use state of becoming thoughts which I find helpful like, every week I am becoming more aware of my progress.
  3. You must actually believe them. Your mind will not create a reality outside your belief system so you have to feed it thoughts that are believable.



  • Every day I find something new that I feel good about. (All you have to do to make this one feel real is take a second to actually do it.)
  • I’m becoming more aware of when I feel good and better at making that feeling last longer. (Another simple practice to implement)
  • Being in a positive emotional state is becoming easier for me. (Because you are making an effort you will soon be able to implement this)



So what’s the takeaway from all this?

When you’re seeking answers about how to achieve happiness, the question you’re really asking is, how can I become a master at manipulating my circumstances in such a way that makes me happy?

The universe is a reflection of who you are. Just as you cannot change your appearance by drawing a mustache on your reflection in the mirror, you cannot permanently change your overall emotional state by manipulating your environment.

I have just given you the key to happiness. Those of you who are ready to receive this gift, I thank you for the opportunity to help. Helping others in this way brings me great joy.

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