Manifestation Math

The Mind Is a Wonderful Tool and This Is How It Works:

  • Emotions are born out of thoughts.
  • Thoughts are derived mostly from observation (or reiteration of observation).
  • Thoughts can be derived from intent.
  • Your predominant conscious thoughts become your beliefs.
  • Your subconscious mind is designed to create your reality based on your beliefs by causing you to:
    1. Observe things congruent with those beliefs.
    2. Do things (subconsciously) that bring about further evidence of those beliefs.
  • Your subconscious will not create a reality which does not have a congruent emotional response┬áto it. (This merely means it knows when you don’t really believe what you are thinking.)
  • Your subconscious cannot create reality using a negative tense. (For instance: if you want to be less negative then focus on being more positive. Creation is the act of making something. It can┬ánot make nothing. If I handed you a lump of clay and asked you to make something with it, you could. If I asked you to make nothing out of it, it would still be a lump of clay.)

How to Use This to Your Advantage:

You can intentionally introduce a believable thought on a daily basis congruent with the desired reality you wish to create.

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