God, energy, the universe, or whatever term you want to use for it is infinite. That divinity does not end with you and me. It is part of everything and everyone imaginable, even a Styrofoam cup that’s been thrown in the garbage.


Your ego is your personal expression of that divinity. Coming to terms with that is extremely difficult for most because we have learned judgment. Once you practice judgment, you judge yourself in a much stricter fashion than you do anything or anyone else, which causes you to feel unworthy.


The pitfall of our recent spiritual evolution


Once judgment is introduced, the assumption becomes that there is something inherently wrong with us, because we cannot even live up to the standards we judge others by. Religion labels this as our having a sinful nature.


Recently, many people have recognized the destructive power of judgment and shame when it is displayed toward others and have shunned this aspect of religion.


Although this seems like a giant step forward in spiritual evolution, self-judgment still remains. We have just replaced the terminology from striving to squelch a “sinful nature” to letting go of the “ego.”


Why would you want to let go of your expression of the divine? That would be like a leaf on a tree only recognizing itself as the universe. It does not serve itself, the tree, the earth, etc. if it thinks being a leaf is inherently wrong. It is of greatest service to the whole when is in alignment with itself.



Finding harmony in alignment



Your expression of divinity is best served when you are in alignment with your true self. Your true self is found in that which makes you feel wonderful. Doing that which makes you feel wonderful causes you to do things that are in greatest service to others.


This may seem like an easy task but most people don’t know what makes them feel wonderful. What they think makes them feel good is in fact only making them feel better. Because their lives revolve around avoiding pain rather than pursuing happiness, that which helps avoid pain is what they equate with what makes them feel good.


Trying to get rid of your ego or your sinful nature to find your harmonious place in the universe is the root cause of suffering for so many people. You are not inherently bad or wrong. You are part of the divine. Free yourself from judgment and pursue that which makes you happy! You cannot express the universe in a more perfect way than through your ego nor can you be of greater benefit to your fellow man.

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